Tadan S.r.l. is a food delivery startup born in Pisa in 2020, operating in 5 cities in Tuscany, boasting over 15K+ customers and 60+ riders, and continually growing. At its core, there isn’t a single food delivery software, but rather a highly complex product that integrates various digital products.

This structure enables very high delivery performance and encapsulates the reason behind the promise that underpins the entire service: “the food you love, wherever you want it, in a tadan!

Tadan’s goal from the beginning has been to raise the bar in food delivery by offering a greater variety of cuisine types and available restaurants, faster service, and a more ethical management of the rider workforce relationship. A challenging goal that is difficult to achieve without the help of cutting-edge, technically impeccable technology.

A delivery boy smiling and holding in front of him a paper box with the Tadan logo on it.

Elevating food delivery: more choices, faster service, ethical work.

Geckosoft developed Tadan from scratch on two solid engines: eXpress Delivery and XD Logistics. eXpress Delivery, the real-time e-commerce infrastructure for products and services online, manages the orders, allow each restaurant to customize their menu and promotions.

XD Logistics manages the orders dispatch logistics, from the fleet of drivers and their vehicles, to the auto-planning of each delivery based on drivers, timing, distances, vehicles availability and capabilities (some riders have cars, other mopeds, other bikes, other scooters…). The orders coming from eXpress Delivery APIs are transformed into working packages and then tasks to be performed by the riders: the pick-ups in one or more restaurants and then the delivery of one or more items from different restaurant to one or more clients. This is the power of multi-stop and muti-task delivery features of XD Logistics engine.

Geckosoft developed on these backend services a responsive website and several apps, compatible with iOS and Android, one for each part involved in the process of selection, purchase, and delivery. All perfectly integrated in real-time and based on web-based technologies.

An app for the customer, an app for the restaurant linked to the POS with a display that prints the order, an app for the rider, and a dedicated web tool for Tadan’s customer service operators, through which they can monitor orders and manage riders. Additional help comes from the sixth technology: a logistics scheduling algorithm that optimizes rider shift assignments, ensuring fair allocation and compliance with contractual constraints. We have released the code underlying this algorithm as open source on GitHub.