XD Logistics main features in a glance

Plan and automate work packages and tasks

  • Boost your delivery management making it efficient and reducing errors and costs: automagically create work packages and task for each order, assign them to drivers, and drivers to vehicles
  • Track each delivery live on timeline monitoring pick-ups, drop-offs and custom tasks
  • Manually fine tunes shifts and planning to accomodate customer needs, last-minute requirements or mid-day orders

Assign tasks, monitor, and communicate with drivers

Thanks to the Driver App, keep your drivers and riders always updated on their current and next tasks, and be updated live on the shipments status.

Choose whether give the drive complete visibility of the day schedule, or restrict it to current action to complete only.

Real-time monitoring of tasks and routes

  • Monitor each working package and all the tasks performed by drivers
  • Optimize routes by choosing from fuel savings, time, and distance parameters or using custom algorithms
  • Add tasks in real-time: the driver is immediately notified through push notifications.

Order updates and tracking for your customers

  • Share ETAs to clients on a tracking page or via their account
  • Send automated email or text-notifications to keep your customers updated
  • The Customer Portal allow to review past and current orders, create new orders and track current ones

One powerful engine.Four apps working seamlessly.Complete control.

Our smart logistic engine is declined in four apps to control every aspect of your business: a web app for your operators and admins, a mobile app for the driver, a portal and a tracking service for your customers.

how it works

Transform orders into scheduled deliveries in a blaze

With ML-backed autoplanned features, optimize the shift planning of each work package with multi-stop and multi-task deliveries.

From orders to work packages

Based on orders specs, on or more work packages are generated with all the tasks required to fulfill the orders requirements.

Task auto-planning

Work packages tasks are planned following orders requirement, vehicles and drivers availability, route and traffic optimizations.

Shift creation and scheduling

The shifts are automagically created and sent to the drivers through the iOS/Android Driver App. Each updated on orders and task is pushed and notified live to the drivers.

what's in with XD Logistics

case study

Powering the technology heart of Tadan, a new food delivery startup serving 25k+ consumers with delicious food of 300+ restaurant thanks to 100+ drivers.

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